Two new posters revealed for GTA

Rockstar gaming have come out with two new posters for their latest installment of the GTA series. However these two posters do not portray any of the main characters, rather their friends and family The first picture is of Lamar, Franklin’s crime partner breaking into a car and the second one is Michael’s progeny Tracey and Jimmy displaying typical ‘family love’.   Source: IGN  

5 facts to know about GTA V

We know you are waiting with bated breath for this game, here are 5 interesting facts about GTA V. We hope you like them do share your opinion in the comments below 🙂  

GTA V Special Edition available on pre-order in India

Yep its official, GTA V Special Edition is now available on pre-order on Flipkart and Games the Shop in India. Flipkart also offers the pre-order of the standard edition for Rs. 2,799.   However, the special edition does promise to be quite something- Obviously, a full retail copy of the game Collectible SteelBook with Exclusive Artwork- This features never-before-seen artwork of Michael, Trevor and Franklin. A 21.5” x 26.75”blueprint map of Los Santos and Blaine County with cryptic markings indicating destinations for fast cast and locations that will lead to extra bonuses. Special Ability Boost– Michael, Trevor and Franklin all have their own special ability. This boost allows their special ability bars to regenerate 25% faster. Single player Stunt Plane Trials allows you to t...

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