Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online Update is here with Free Deathmatch and more

As gamers continue to enjoy GTA V Online, get ready for lots of new content updates for Grand Theft Auto Online, beginning with the launch of the free Deathmatch and Race Creators tool coming this week. Here’s a look at what’s on the way in the weeks ahead.. Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta This week, we will give you the first chance to build your own content in GTA Online (and play content others have made) with the release of the Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta. With access to some of the same tools as our own game design and development team, you can craft your own custom blood-soaked gunfights, high-octane street races, screaming jet dogfights and more. You’ll also be able to publish your original Deathmatches and Races via the Rockstar Games Social Club for the whole com...

The most unorthodox GTA V stunt move ever

This gamer has nailed it. That’s one unorthodox GTA V stunt move, but it works! XR33P3E11X has more of these in his excellent montage video. Now do a perfect drop from similar heights into a half pipe while riding a bike. That would look neat. Source: Gergo Vas

New GTA V DLC is here

Grand Theft Auto V‘s free Beach Bum DLC is now available to download, alongside the game’s 1.06 update. While it didn’t bring the one feature that so many fans had been hoping for, audio files taken from the update could shine a light on other activities headed to the online version of the game. It is no secret that Heists is wanted by most GTA Online players, but not all of them are bothered because the delay gives them something to look forward to, as well as forces them to do other things within the online version of Grand Theft Auto. PlayStation 3 owners will get the content automatically as part of the update, whereas Xbox 360 owners need to update the game and download the DLC for free from Xbox Live. The Beach Bum DLC features the SNS pistol and the broken bottle w...

5 Super Funny Grand Theft Auto V Glitches

With the GTA V fever gripping the globe it is time to check out the shady part 😛 Any game as sprawling as GTA V is gonna have some bugs and glitches. As it turns out, some of those glitches are very amusing.:) This video, compiled from a number of YouTube videos by AmazingFilms247, has some glitches for a complete list of the videos included in the compilation, check out the YouTube video description. News Source : Kirk Hamilton  

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