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The Best of 2016: Top 10 Mobile Apps

There is no dearth of apps on either the PlayStore or iTunes. The real pain in the a** is when you have to find an app worth your time, isn’t it? We’ve been covering the best of 2016 in terms of movies, TV shows and games. So here is a list of the best apps that you might want have a look at from 2016. And it just so happens that all the 10 apps on this list are free and are available on both Android and iOS. Venmo A great way to split the bill if you’re out on a date with a feminist. Venmo is an easy and fun way to send and receive money between friends. This app really comes in handy when you’re out on a road trip with your buds as it tracks who is spending how much and who owes who money. Price: Free Platform: Android | iOS   Signal People these days are qui...

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