God of war ps4

God Of War – Review

The Ghost of Sparta, the God of War, the man who brought down Mount Olympus through a very painful and long journey is finally back. God of War is not a reboot but a sequel to God of War 3 with a huge time gap in between those two games due to which there is a lot of mystery regarding the life that Kratos lead during those years. God of War is not just a sequel but a complete re-invention of the series which manages to change the formula that was set by the previous three main games while also holding onto the aspects that made it good with a very modern touch to it which makes it feel like a God of War game. God of War will be out on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on 20th April. God of War 3 ended with Kratos finally getting his revenge by killing his father but at the cost of wh...

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