gang beasts ps4

Gang Beasts – Review

Chaotic, laggy slapstick fun is the best way to describe Gang Beasts. We’ve been hearing about it and playing it ever since 2014 but it got out of Early Access at the end of 2017 and finally released on Steam and the PlayStation 4. Gang Beasts is a free for all brawler game. You are pitted against a bunch of other people in a “King of the Hill” type match where the last player alive wins the round. The game is nothing special in terms of graphics with some customization options when picking your character but that’s about it, more about that later on though. Gang Beasts’ bread and butter is the co-op multiplayer. You fight your friends and the controls in Free For All match. The somewhat stiff controls and physics of the game result in a lot of hilarious and u...

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