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Round Up November 2016: Game of Dorms, Nikhill Found Love and Manas Got Hitched

Every month I sit down to write these Life at GC articles and every time I think to myself “Man, we didn’t do a whole lot this month“, but when I actually get to writing about the events I realize how much stuff actually went down on these occasions. Game of Dorms at Shiv Nadar University So we had a fairly productive month this time around and one of the biggest events had to be Game of Dorms that we had over at Shiv Nadar University. The college had us over for their 3 day fest where we held a FIFA 17 and DOTA Tournament as well as a Gamer Rebellion for the students. I handled the FIFA tournament, while Jasmeet took care of the DOTA tournament. Shrey and Sachith took care of the VR system that we had on showcase while Nikhill kept shuffling back and forth making sure he...

GTX 960 Cup :: Launch Trailer

The GTX 960 is an overclockers and MOBA lovers dream come true ? So to celebrate this we are here with the GTX 960 Cup. The GTX960 Cup is an action packed DOTA 2 tournament in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. It is an invite only tournament so Gamers can sign up to register for the Tournament. While the registrations are free participants also stand a chance to grab a cash prizes at each of the NVIDIA Experience Zones. The Battle Grounds will be The tournaments will be at NVIDIA Experience Zones in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. – Gear Up Gaming Cafe Mumbai – LXG,Bengaluru – Play Max, Hyderabad It is FREE to play so Register for the Tournament Now 🙂

Conclusion of ILG LCL Season I

The game that is making waves all over the world. From having millions of players and viewers for its tournaments to having pro players recognized as professional athletes in some countries, its eSports scene is one of the largest and only growing bigger with every passing year. However, in India, this means the “ILG LCL” Short for League of Legends Champions League brought by Indian League Gaming (a leading Indian eSPORTS company) & supported by Spectranet (one of the leading ISPs), this was no ordinary knockout tournament that was held over a weekend. It was instead, a full-fledged league with a unique structure, grouping teams of similar skill level and providing them a platform to compete on a regular basis. Not only was a first of its kind initiative in terms of its im...

Respawn Cup Round Up

So we are done with the first ever Respawn Cup which also was 2015’s First Global Offensive LAN Tournament in India and we would like to thank you all for your support in making this event a success. We would especially want to thank the teams that took part in the tournament, even those who came to just show to your support, we really appreciated it. We had a great time being able to interact with teams, both professional and newly formed. We learnt a lot about the gaming community and more importantly the various twists and turns a tournament like this entails. Due to unfortunate turn  of events, like the failed servers (which is a prevalent issue here in India) we had to alter the tournament structure which resulted in increasing the winnings, which I guess isn’t a bad thing...

Respawn Cup Reveal Trailer

The first edition of Respawn Cup is a fun filled Counter Strike: Global offensive tournament in Mumbai and Bengaluru. It is an invite only tournament so Gamers can sign up to register for the Tournament. To get started visit

eSports Interactive Entertainment announces Digital Wars Online – Season II

eSports Interactive Entertainment today announced Digital Wars Online – Season II, an online gaming tournament to promote the culture of eSports in India. The event starts April 5th till April 20th, 2014. The fortnight long event will invite participation from gamers across India. The game title for this season would be Dota 2, popular among Indian gamers. Online registration for the event has begun from March 18th, 2014 on eSports Interactive Entertainment community forums. Enthusiasts who wish to participate can register for free and stand chance to win goodies worth over fifty thousand rupees courtesy Antec (Main Sponsor), Gunnar Optiks, Kingston Technology,, TrustPort, & TteSPORTS. Digital Wars Online – Season II will be broadcasted live on Twitch TV for gaming enthusi...

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