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Pre-order Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens & Get Jabba Palace Character DLC

e-xpress Interactive Software Pvt Ltd, a leading distributor of games software in India announced today that the customers who pre-order the Lego® Star Wars: The Force Awakens will get Jabba palace Character DLC as a part of an added bonus. Players can enjoy the dregs of the galaxy’s criminal underworld with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Jabba Palace Character Pack. This character pack includes the mighty Jabba the Hutt and his loyal retainers Bib Fortuna, Malakili and Gamorrean Guards, plus the bounty hunter Booush, dancer Oola, and Princess Leia in her Jabba’s barge costume. The Force Awakens™, marking the triumphant return of the No. 1 LEGO videogame franchise, will allow players to relive the epic action from the blockbuster film in a fun-filled, humorous way that only ...

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