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Top 10 Best Laptops For Gaming Under Rs. 50,000

Lets face it, any laptop under Rs.50000 isn’t going to be the best laptop for playing the latest games at the highest graphics settings. That doesn’t mean you can’t game though. Chances are, you want to carry this around, get work done and also do a little bit of gaming on the side, which puts laptops within this price tag a perfect option. Here are the top 10 best laptops for gaming under Rs. 50,000. I wont go into details of the laptop but just so you know that these laptops can handle the latest games in medium to low settings and the older (pre-2016) games in medium to high settings. Lets have a look at them. 1. Asus R558UQ CPU: Core i5 7200U (7th gen) GPU :GT940MX, 2GB Display: 15.6 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel RAM: 4GB DDR4 Storage space :1TB OS: Windows 10 Weight: 2.2kg...

Best Gaming Laptops Under Rs. 50,000 In India

It’s hard to believe how technology has evolved over the years. I can still remember the first time I saw a laptop, it was one of those black IBM laptops with the red button in the middle of the keyboard with which you controlled the mouse. I think that was around 1998-2000 sometime when my mum brought one of those ancient things from work and back then it was probably one of the best pieces of machinery you could get your hands on. Fast forward about 15 years and here we are now, concepts like VR are on the verge of becoming mainstream, 3D printers already finding it’s place in office spaces and Donald Trump being elected as the 45th President of America, it’s hard to believe how so much has changed in so little time. Now days what you can do on laptops people might not ...

MSI GT72 Dominator review

The last time I saw an MSI Gaming laptop, I was mesmerised. This time we have the GT72 Dominator: a powerhouse gaming machine that has evolved much since its introduction in 2012. I love the machine’s heavy chassis, superb keyboard and excellent. The GT72, is a new Dominator with a whole new design. The current ones have been re-launched the machine with NVIDIA’s latest graphics architecture.  So let’s see what’s in store J Getting Started The new Dominator features a large 17-inch display and a wide, heavy chassis, plus enough power to make the average gaming laptop blush. The design is upbeat too with matte black aluminum with. The front edge (and the top of the screen lid) comes to a wide-pointed peak with red accents and a subtle crimson paint peers out from behind th...

MSI Brand Store Opens in Delhi

On the 14th of March, we headed out to the opening of MSI’s first brand store in India. Located quite strategically in Nehru Place this store offers gamers some of the best gaming laptops one can get their hands on. MSI is trying hard to bring in their full range of products for Indian gamers to be able to try out an experience first hand not only what the laptop feels like but also its performance.       People were able to play some really good looking games on the systems that were on display, I for example, got to play Tomb Raider for a bit till I couldn’t figure out how to open a door. Then opening was then followed by a presentation in the office where Craig Martus showed MSI’s plans for India and how they hope to infiltrate the gaming ecosystem. We a...

Lenovo’s Y50 Ad Gets It Right

A gamer could come up with various reasons why their laptop/computer isn’t sufficient for their gaming needs. This Lenovo ad puts into video what most people do in words. The need a gamer has is very well depicted in this video below.   What did you guys think of this ad, did they hit the sweet spot?

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