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Gaming in India – History in the Making

It’s hardly any surprise that one of the largest countries in the world has developed sort of a “sweet tooth” for online gaming in general. Games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush, CS:GO, and a few other popular titles have taken the Indian people’s interest by storm. These days, competitive gaming isn’t the only thing that is gaining ground in India, as online casinos and sportsbooks have also made a huge impact. Read on to see what’s currently hot in the Indian online gaming scene. Software Developers Falling only second to China in terms of population, India is renowned for its own technological advancements. Therefore, a noteworthy mention is the fact that the software for most culture-specific online games is created by native developers. Companies like Casino Software India, Digient, Cas...

Story Of The Everyday Indian Gamer

So it all began when I was kid. My brother has asthma from birth, so he wasn’t allowed to play outdoor games because it could lead to asthma attack. As a child my brother used to game on the Playstation 1, and then as a kid I would love to play with my brother. Games like Tekken 3 and Brian Lara Cricket were favorites back then. We used to play lots of games but I remember only those two in particular. We even used to play on cassette consoles, the ones with 100 games in one. Above all we used to love playing Mario. Then the Playstation 2 came out and we used to play games at a nearby Gaming Cafe. We spent hours playing playing GTA: San Andreas, Smack Down, WWE RAW, etc. Then my father realized that we both were spending way too much time at the Game Zone. So he purchased us a Playst...

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