Here’s Your Chance To Win A Playstation 4

Gurgaon-based website offers up an alternative route for gamers on a budget: Buy pre-owned games, sell used games and pre-order the latest titles. The site works as an online marketplace for game buyers and sellers. It is a friend in need to all console users {and we mean all; they even have pre-owned PS Vita games}. We know how it is to find a game you once loved to play now lying rejected in the corner, gathering dust, and how tough it can be to let go. Gamexs provides an easy way out. And now they are offering you a chance to win a Sony Playstation 4. Just fill in the details in the form below. The winners will be announced on 14th of February, so fingers crossed that you get to take the PS4 home as your Valentine! And for more news and reviews, ...

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