Games predicting future

Insane ways in which Games Predict the Future

When you think of it, maybe it’s not the best of ideas if video games predicted the future. You’d have a scenario where everybody is at war with each other or you’d find yourself in a post apocalyptic landscape about to fend off zombies or maybe in a spaceship like craft about to take on a whole lot of aliens. And quite frankly, no one would want a future which is depicted through video game. But there are times when things in videogames have, startlingly, come true. As creepy/spookily interesting as these sounds, there have been instances where video games have to a certain extent predicted the future by predicting events. We’ve got four such instances for you….fasten your seat belts. Solid Snake, The Original Edward Snowden If you want to be pedantic about it, it’s actually Raiden ...

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