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H1Z1 presents Free-to-Play Zombie Survival to PS4 and PC

Remember the panic over H1N1? Well, imagine how much worse it would have been if it involved zombies! The recent trailer didn’t just make zombie-killer fans happy, but should’ve made pro wrestling fans happy as well with the use of one of AJ Styles’s final TNA Wrestling themes in “Evil Ways”. Zombie survival is a notable genre now, and H1Z1 is set to be the first MMO with that backdrop. The Planetside 2 engine is being used for the game, and given how fantastic that was, this should follow in its footsteps really well. H1Z1 is due out later this year for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Item-crafting is a huge part of the game. You’ll use that for your weapons, and also be able to use the system to build things like a tool shed. Improvised weapons can be crafted as well. You can craft a...

The next generation of FIFA is coming

As the football frenzy grips the globe, FIFA 14 will be released in the near future on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as current-generation consoles, and according to developer EA Canada, there are a host of changes to the upcoming installment of the football franchise. The most visible change in the upcoming game is the implementation of crowds that are now fully rendered in 3D throughout stadiums. EA Canada is also including exterior shots for the stadiums including Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. FIFA 14 also has enhancements in physics and AI provided by the next-generation EA Sports Ignite engine. Due to the fact that it can anticipate where players are going to be, it can calculate appropriate interactions and reactions on the fly. You’ll see virtual footballers avo...

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