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Nikhil Murthy Talk About The Quiet Sleep, His Favorite Games, And Game Development In India (Interview)

Nikhil Murthy is the mind behind The Quiet Sleep, a fascinating Indie game that combines tower defense and city building ideas. The twist is – you’re developing your mind, and tackling real life events as simple as talking to others and as complex as overthrowing a local government. We’ve been playing The Quiet Sleep over the past few weeks now, and wanted to hear from Nikhil about his inspirations for the game, and his thoughts on the game development scene in India. Tell us a bit about yourself. What got you interested in video games? (and what was the first game that you remember)? I’ve played video games since I can remember. As a kid, I played Batman, Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros on the SNES and Civ2 and SimCity on the PC then. When I was 8, I got a Game Boy ...

Indian Gaming And Game Development Culture Is Growing Faster Than You Think

The first gaming company in India, Dhruva Interactive (which would eventually work on games in the Forza and Need For Speed series), was only established in 1997, putting our country a good 25 years behind US and UK. But on the other hand, if you glance at the growth of the industry, it’s staggering. Each subsequent year, the quality of games presented dramatically increases. A notable example of one that’s actually launched is Asura, a hack-n-slasher set in a world inspired by Indian mythology, developed by the studio Ogre Head. The game has received majorly positive reviews on Steam, and also managed to create a fair bit of buzz. The game has set a milestone for developers across the nation. Each subsequent year, the quality of games presented dramatically increases. Followin...

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