GALAX GTX 1660 Super EX White

GALAX GTX 1660 Super EX White – Review

NVIDIA has put out a new GPU for the mid range user – the GTX 1660 Super. Today we are reviewing the GALAX GTX 1660 Super EX White – a slick white version of the card. The 1660 Super lies somewhere between the GTX 1660Ti and the GTA 1660. It’s a fairly powerful card that can run most modern games at medium to high settings. The most important aspect of the card is the price – Rs. 19,999 – which hits the sweet spot for most buyers in the country. Here are the basic specs of the card: CUDA Cores – 1408 GPU – TU116-300 Core Clock – 1830MHz 1 – CLICK OC Boosted Clock – 1845MHz Memory Speed – 14 Gbps Memory Capacity – 6GB Memory Bus-width – 192-bit Memory Type – GDDR6 Power Connector – 8 pin TDP – 125W Coo...

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