FinalBoss Games

Vesta – Review

Vesta is a puzzle game where you play as a six-year-old girl and her robot who are uncovering the mystery of the ruins of a great mechanical underground city. Developed and published by FinalBoss Games, Vesta released on 19th January 2018. Vesta is a young six-year-old girl who lives an underground city that is desolate, with her only companion being BOT. BOT gives Vesta some tasks which would’ve been impossible for a human but is possible for her to do as BOT gives her a helper, a robot by the name of DROID. BOT encourages her to complete this tasks with the help of DROID, since the combination of the two can easily overcome the difficulties of the hostile yet passive environment and solve the puzzles. The game features alternating controls between the two protagonists with Vesta be...

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