Fifa 2014 release

5 Simple tips to play FIFA 14 like a pro

With GTA V hogging up limelight on the Internet, you can be forgiven for forgetting about EA Sports FIFA 14, coming out on 27th September. In this newest installment, we are promised a more realistic experience; EA have put in plenty of work into the game. Be it the FIFA Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Career Mode or just a one off friendly, there is no doubt that you want to finish the game on the winning side. However, adapting to a new game does take time, so we’re listing down some neat tips to play FIFA 2014 like a pro 🙂 Let us know if you found them useful. 5. Shield The Ball In FIFA 14, gone are the times where you have to press LT/L1 to execute skill moves; now it is all about shielding the ball at all costs. One of the main things about the demo is that speed isn’t as dominating i...

The next generation of FIFA is coming

As the football frenzy grips the globe, FIFA 14 will be released in the near future on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as current-generation consoles, and according to developer EA Canada, there are a host of changes to the upcoming installment of the football franchise. The most visible change in the upcoming game is the implementation of crowds that are now fully rendered in 3D throughout stadiums. EA Canada is also including exterior shots for the stadiums including Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium. FIFA 14 also has enhancements in physics and AI provided by the next-generation EA Sports Ignite engine. Due to the fact that it can anticipate where players are going to be, it can calculate appropriate interactions and reactions on the fly. You’ll see virtual footballers avo...

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