far cry primal review

There Be Mammoths: Far Cry Primal Review

I’ll be honest. I went into Far Cry Primal expecting more of the same, and while I have no gripes with the Far Cry formula, after having invested countless hours into FC3 & FC4, I really wanted something different, something that would reinvent the formula, and feel fresh. Something that would pack a bloody punch. Well, I guess that that was too high an expectation. Not to say that the game isn’t fun, it absolutely is. However, it definitely is more of the same. Oh, wait, before I go the “cool way” of hating on video games, let me talk about the good. And, BTW, I’d recommend this game, it’s enjoyable, and as far as any gamer looking to have some fun is concerned, the game doles that out aplenty. What concerned me was the lack of innovation in the gam...

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