Far Cry 5 review

Make ‘Hope’ Great Again – Far Cry 5 Review

Tyrannical dictators, a land filled with war and strife and plenty of guns and explosions, Far Cry 5 is back and it is back with an explosive bang. A great someone once described Far Cry 3 as “Skyrim but with guns” and funnily enough 2 Far Cry games later this statement still holds true. Just change it to “Skyrim with Guns in America” and you’ve described this game perfectly. Far Cry 5 is the series’ return to it’s first person shooter focused modern day game after the previous installment in the series, Far Cry Primal. After Far Cry 3 and 4 I was a little burned out on the same formula and after a break in setting and gameplay, its back to its looting, shooting bombastic ways. So, does the new Far Cry actually change things up or is it still the s...

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