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Meta copied VR technology key to metaverse gaming, immersion claims

Meta Platforms Inc. constructed its industry-driving computer generated simulation headset by encroaching Immersion Corp’s. licenses, the more modest organization claimed in a claim. The Meta Quest 2, which overwhelms the market, encroaches six licenses covering haptic innovation, Immersion said in a protest recorded Thursday in government court in Waco, Texas. In computer game frameworks and regulators, haptics permit clients to encounter vibrations that copy genuine powers —, for example, impeding a punch in a virtual boxing match-up. Meta Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg has focused on burning through $10 billion per year to rejuvenate his vision of a computer generated simulation empowered metaverse. Deals of Meta Quest 2 hit 8.7 million units in 2021, two times as much as...

Facebook’s Vision For Virtual Reality & Gaming

While the time of Farmville and Words with Friends invites might be over, but Facebook is once again indulging in the economy of online gaming. This time around it’s going to be simple. The “secret ingredient” or the key is the log-on-with-Facebook feature which allows publishers who use it to accept Facebook ads and as Facebook’s ad revenue grows, so does the revenue for the gaming companies. It’s a win-win situation! Over the past five years, Facebook has invested $8 billion to its developers, a major chunk of this amount was palmed off to game developers. In the year 2015, game developers who used Facebook tools for web alone earned $2.5 billion. If this isn’t enough, even the number of people who play games on or with Facebook has increased from 375 ...

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