Effie – Review

Effie is a really cutesy looking 3D platformer set in a fantasy universe. You play as Galand, setting out to regain his lost youth. The combat is tight and fast, the platforming is simple, yet the clever mix of puzzles and fast movement keeps the pace going. There are a good number of platforming puzzles to solve, and they feel really satisfying. The combat is also fast paced. It’s simple but shows some depth as you keep progressing. the game also has a good look to it similar to Portal Knights, and a lot of vibrant lighting, colors and depth of field effects. Plus, the shield turns into a rocket boosted skateboard that fun to fly around on. Pros: Fun platforming Well designed levels vibrant visuals Cons: Boss fights are not that fun Score – 8/10 About: Effie is a 3D action-adv...

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