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Persona 5 Launch Date Revealed, Will Feature Dual Audio On PS4 And PS3

Persona 5 has seen yet another delay, but it also brings with it some good news. Here’s the announcement from the official blog. I know, I know. It stings. But Persona 5 set the gold standard for Atlus with its launch in Japan, and we wanted to put the utmost care into ensuring it winds up the best when it launches in the west. And — and this is a very special “and” — we have some exceedingly good news for you in light of this delay: Persona 5 will have dual audio. For PS4 and PS3. We’re including it as DLC for logistical reasons, but it will be free, for forever. People have been asking for this since P5 was announced, and through herculean effort from just about every division of Atlus, we managed to arrange this. This was something we especially wanted to do for the Atlus Faithful...

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