Dragon Ball FighterZ review

BallZ Moves – Dragon Ball FighterZ – Review

If you’re any fan of fighting games, Arc System Works will be a name that is familiar to you, and you probably have a deep appreciation for the games that they make. And if you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball series, you will know that they have not seen justice done to them when it comes to video game adaptations. So when Arc System Works gets their hands on Dragon Ball, a franchise screaming for a solid fighting game, you know it’s going to be BallZ.. Dragon Ball FighterZ is an absolutely incredible fighting game, that is entertaining for both low level and high players. How do I know? Because I suck at it, and love it to bits! And I am not even a big fighting games guy. The first thing that stands out about Dragonball FighterZ is how beautiful the game looks. Everything moves at breakneck s...

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