Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium – Review

If you like good stories/narrative choices in videos games, and have a sense of humor, then you will absolutely love Disco Elysium. I’ll say this off the bat – Disco Elysium is the pinnacle of videogame storytelling, and hands down the best game of 2019. And it is hilarious! You play as a cop, who seems have lost his memory due to excessive drinking. You are in the city of Marinaise, investigating a murder. You need to interact with town folks and ask them questions, explore the city and uncover mysteries, and deduce clues in piecing together what is really going on. You can play as one of three pre-set classes, or create a class of your own, and set forth as the best or the wildest detective in town. I picked wildest. And, Disco Elysium took me places. The gameplay is almost e...

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