Devolver Bootleg

Devolver Bootleg – Review

Devolver Bootleg is a fantastic collection of small titles reminiscent of older classics. Games like Enter the Gun Dungeon, Catsylvania, Hotline Milwaukee all are varied takes on old and recent classics, and are immensely fun. Some of these games can be a bit too tough, bit it all goes with the nostalgic feel of the games. If you are a fan of retro games, Devolver Bootleg is a must have collection of games in your library. Pros: Fantastic nostalgia fest Good variety of titles Great value for money Cons: Can feel frustratingly tough Not for everyone Score – 7.5/10 About: Devolver Bootleg contains eight original rip-offs of Devolver Digital games including:  Enter The Gun Dungeon Imagine a dungeon crawler but instead of swords it’s guns. But also everything is made out of guns and bull...

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