Deathgarden Bloodharvest – Review

Deathgarden was a game that was released in Early Access, and despite its decent quality, it looked set to fail. Surprisingly enough, the dev team turned it around, re-branding it Deathgarden: Bloodharvest. It is now a game similar to Dead By Daylight, with guns and powerups, and is immensely fun. You enter a garden, the Deathgarden, and play in an asymmetrical co-op match, where there are 4 scavengers and one stalker. The 4 scavengers need to band together and help each other survive, while the stalker tries to hunt them down. There’s a really good flow to the gameplay and the shooting. The maps and game modes are fun, and it looks really great. Pros: Solid gameplay, shooting is fun Looks good Compelling leveling system Cons: Minor balancing issues Night mode is a bit too dark and f...

Deathgarden – New game from Dead by Daylight devs

Death Garden is the new upcoming game by the developers behind Dead By Daylight. Registrations for the pre-alpha are now live.

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