Best Of 2016: Top 10 Shows On Netflix Of 2016

Looking to binge watch your way into the new year? Here are the Top 10 Best TV Shows On Netflix of 2016! Stranger Things The show is about a group of friends who befriend a lost girl and the mysteries that she helps them unlock. Fans all over the world adore Eleven, the girl, and once you watch the show you’ll love her too. The show will be a special treat for those who enjoy Stephen King’s works. Master of None This show starring Aziz Ansari deals with his experiences of growing up as the son of an immigrant and various other humdrum aspects of his life.Of course, his wacky sense of humour brightens everything up. The show famously features Ansari’s actual parents. Daredevil This show by Marvel covers the adventures of Matt Murdock, who is a lawyer while the sun shines and a vigilante whe...

San Diego Comic Con 2016: Marvel Round-up

For the fans who somehow missed the San Diego Comic Con news about your favourite superheroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, here’s our round up of everything Marvel. Hulk to suit up for battle in Thor: Ragnarok  In a tweet by Ryan Penagos, the Vice President and Executive Editor of Marvel Digital Media, he revealed the iconic Planet Hulk inspired armour that the Hulk will don when he goes to battle. Some detail shots of the Gladiator #Hulk Armor. #MarvelSDCCpic.twitter.com/oqaBflGAo7 — Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) July 23, 2016 He also posted a video for the same, showcasing the hammer and armour. Just revealed at the #MarvelSDCC stage! Direct from the set of #Thor Ragnarok: Gladiator #Hulk Armor! pic.twitter.com/5rnNKxgyEe — Ryan Penagos (@AgentM) July 23, 2016 New Trailer for Dr...

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