Can cricket video games ever match the real event?

Overall, it’s believed that the value of console gaming in India is likely to hit $290.5 million US dollars by 2022. And with the title of India’s national sport probably always going to go to cricket, it makes sense to look at just how realistic – or otherwise – cricket video games actually are. Can video games designed to imitate the bat and ball action of the pitch ever be quite the same as the real thing? This article aims to find out. Gameplay In terms of gameplay, the level of sophistication which many modern video games now have is second to none – and cricket video games are no exception. Most modern cricket video games come with top-class gameplay rubrics, making them ideal for practice. Examples of cricket games include Ashes Cricket for PS4, which offers entirely bespoke play wo...

Ashes Cricket 2013 pulled from Steam

The sorry saga of 505 Games’ Ashes Cricket 2013 continues beginning with one of the dumbest trailers in gaming history, it was supposed to appear in June this year. You know, in time for the Ashes. It didn’t make it, except they got lucky. The usual two year gap between the Australia Vs England bat-to-ball grudge series, they’ve started another one already, just a few months later. A fortuitous one-off anomaly allowing the game to slip five months and not suddenly be enormously out of date. So now, in time for the latest Ashes, it’s been released on PC alone. Except, it’s all going a bit wrong. Just a few days later it’s been mysteriously pulled from Steam, the Facebook page has vanished, and there are lots of rather cross customers. And an increasing number of excellent videos. As well as...

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