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Top 10 Video Games That Critics Were Wrong About

While, for the most part, video game critics voice an opinion that is resonant with that of the general audience, there is sometimes a stark divide between what they feel about the game and how an average gamer feels about the game. This could come from various factors such as time constraints, the reviewer’s personal preference and bias, or it could even be a case of the game not being of interest to the reviewer. When a game turns out to be a success in spite of initial tepid reception by critics, it’s obvious that they missed something that makes the game shine despite its flaws. So here are the top 10 video games that critics were wrong about. Alien: Isolation While reviews criticized the game for overstaying its welcome, fans of the Alien franchise fell completely in love ...

Five Game Franchises Which Are Getting Old Fast

Today we bring you 5 games that are really upbeat and work like your uncle at your cousin’s marriage, but are starting to show signs of fatigue and really need to take a break before they collapse from exhaustion. Telltale Games Telltale are the folks behind the successful franchises such as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, and are singlehandedly responsible for bringing back the Adventure game genre from the dead. They now have franchises such as Batman, Back to the Future, Game of Thrones, Borderlands, Minecraft, and am I the only onee who sees the burnout potential here? You CAN have too much of a good thing. People do, after all, get sick on chocolate ice-cream. LEGO Games LEGO games are LEGO versions of games/movies/anything and are mostly fun children’s games where...

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