CM Storm Devastator Bundle Review

CM Storm Devastator Gaming Bundle

Cooler Master recently came out with their entry level gaming keyboard and mouse, called the CM Storm Devastator Bundle. Devastator Bundle includes the MS2K Precision Mouse and MB24 Ergonomic Keyboard that have features that sufficiently satisfy a gamers needs. Apart from the fact that these two items are priced at a very reasonable level at Rs. 3499, its also a combination of convenience, durability, and precision, which are the prime factors for a gamer.  Read on and there is a surprise at the end 🙂 So Read On!! Features MS2K- The mouse has a  ergonomic ultra flat mousebody design with 3, easily accessible DPI Modes. A small button placed right under the scroller/ mouse wheel allows you to switch between  1000-1600-2000 DPI Modes during gameplay with increases accuracy. There is also pre...

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