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Manas’ Top 20 Favorite Video Games Of 2017 (And Then Some..)

Looking back, I am surprised at how many games I was able to play and complete this year, and also how many of them were actually great. Sure, it’s easy to pick holes in even the best of them, but 2017 was truly one of the best years in Video Game history. I tried to trim list list down to 10, but I just couldn’t bring myself to cut down on the games I had an absolute blast with. Even after removing games like Cryptark, Sniper Elite 4 and Endless Space 2 (which I am managing to subtly sneak in by mentioning them here), the list just wouldn’t go below 25. So I played around with the list, bunched games together and threw some in the honorable mentions. Screw it, these are great games, they need to be on this list. Play them, if you haven’t already! Yakuza Zero Come f...

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