chronicles of elyria

Chronicles Of Elyria Can Be Played As An RTS Or An MMO Or An RPG

With game creators working hard at separating their game from the rest of the chaff, here’s what Chronicles of Elyria by Soulbound does. The most dynamic and immersive MMO to date, Chronicles of Elyria is the first MMORPG where your character ages and dies, encouraging you to think beyond your character to their role in a larger story. Fearless in its design, it embraces a character’s ability to impact other characters. A closed economy, finite resources, non-repeatable quests, and a fully destructible environment means the world is experienced differently for every character. Each time you log in there is something for you to participate in. Local, regional, and national conflicts are continuously unfolding, giving birth to repeated opportunities for you to change the course o...

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