This May Be Your Chance To Star In Mass Effect: Andromeda

Brace yourselves for what may be a great opportunity to lend your voice to your favourite sci-fi RPG franchise, Mass Effect. There are two minor roles up fro grabs in the upcoming title Mass Effect: Andromeda. The good news? Bioware is asking fans to voice them. The scripts for both the character roles are available on the Bioware blog. All you have to do is record your reading of the script (either audio or video), and send it to the studio. The entries will be judged “on the quality of your voice performance and how well it matches the Mass Effect style.” The date for entry submission is till 28th September. The entries will be then judged by a panel of Bioware employees. The winners will be notified by 30th November, following which they will be flown to one of the Bioware r...

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