Bloodborne/Dark Souls 3

Top 10 Games Of This Generation That Every Indian Gamer Needs To Play

Everyone has their own backlog of video games, and it’s often not easy to play every single game that comes out. So we’ve picked out some of the best games of this generation which will bring you up to date on the state of video games today. These games are obviously not for everyone, but all of these games have something unique about them that sets them apart. So here are the top 10 games of this generation that every Indian gamer needs to play. Witcher 3 Excellent story telling and world building, and still one of the best looking games on PC and consoles. While the combat is not the best, it’s strong enough to be enjoyable, and the incredible cast and excellent writing will keep any player hooked till the end. Also, the DLCs are fantastic. Destiny Despite initial stumb...

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