Black Clover Quartet knights

Black Clover: Quartet Knights Gets New Trailer Revealing Treasure Hunt Mode

The new game mode Treasure Hunt is all about collecting magical keys and treasure boxes. When your team takes the emerging key, a treasure box will appear somewhere on the map. Each team must search and secure the key and keep it to find an open a treasure chest. Both the key and the treasure chest disappear after a while so be quick and strategic to lead your team to victory! Yami Sukehiro, the captain of the Black Bull Squad, is a strong fighter who is best used in short range fights. His brand new story arc will enable players to relive Yami’s younger years and consists of original content never before seen in the anime. He also goes by the name “Destruction God”, and while fighting, he is surrounded by a mystical black cocoon that guards him. Next to his incredible magic powers, Yami c...

Black Clover: Quartet Knights First Gameplay Details and Screenshots

Black Clover: Quartet Knights first Gameplay Details Each character in the four-player formation will support the fight in different ways: • The Melee character will attack with aggressive magic doing powerful damage in close range battles. • The Range role is really efficient in long distance fights with a strong shot when the character is properly positioned on a hill. • The Barrier will support the team being able to raise abilities of teammates. • The Healer will help the team with healing magic. More details regarding playable characters have also been revealed. In Black Clover: Quartet Knights, all characters will have specific abilities and skills. • Asta, a Melee character, is really good at wall running and can eliminate the magic set by enemies with one swing! • Yuno and Gauche b...

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