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Beyond Good and Evil 2 ‘Staff Combat and Ship Maneuvers’ Gameplay

Since the last Space Monkey Report, the Beyond Good and Evil 2 team has working hard on the game, and now they’re ready to show some of their progress. The latest check-in features new footage on how players can navigate the world via jetpack and ship, and how groups of co-op players can stay close together when traveling at high speeds by forming an armada.Additionally, you’ll get a fresh look at how melee combat is coming together, with a taste of some work-in-progress footage of Shani showing off some elaborate combat moves with her staff. Check out the video above for more. For more on Beyond Good and Evil 2, be sure to sign up for the Space Monkey Program at the official site.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 First In-Engine Demo

Creative Director Michel Ancel shows a behind the scenes look at the first in-engine demo shown at E3 2017. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an upcoming action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft, and a prequel to 2003’s Beyond Good & Evil. No release window or target platform has been presented yet. Register with us for the best in gaming, and join us for video game discussions on our forums.

The Top 7 Most Disappointing Announcements At E3 2017

We covered the top showings at E3 2017 and now we’re covering the disappointments from E3. This is all based on my personal opinion, which will differ from yours so please, don’t come at me with your pitchforks. Nintendo Metroid Prime 4 Nintendo had a pretty great conference, probably the best conference this year so choosing a disappointing announcement was kinda hard. This was extreme nitpicking but they announced Metroid Prime 4 with what was essentially a gif of the title of the game. It hyped everyone up for sure but then we have nothing else, no images or screenshots or alpha footage or anything. Sony Monsters of the Deep Okay, what? No seriously, why even announce this? A Final Fantasy Fishing game for the VR because apparently, people’s fantasy is to fish. Microso...

Top 15 Games Showcased At E3 2017

Now that all the press conferences are over and most of the announcements and showcasing is done, let’s take a look at games that I found were the best at E3 2017, a kind of mediocre one all things considered. Battlefront 2 EA seems to have learned from their mistakes from Battlefront. They’ve added a single player story mode, soldier classes, and all eras are now playable. They’ve also stated that there will be now Season Pass as all the DLC for this game will be free. Beyond Good and Evil 2 When the director of the game comes on stage and is almost in tears, you know how much it means to him. The cult classic is finally getting a 2nd game but it’s actually a prequel.  However that does not matter and people are hype none the less. Shadow of the Colossus Now, you m...

E3 2017 Highlights: Ubisoft Press Conference

After for some reason showcasing Assassin’s Creed Origins during Microsoft’s Press Conference I wasn’t sure what Ubisoft was going to have to actually showcase that would hype people up or make the crowd go wild. I don’t think that would’ve happened either way but we did get a new IP that’s a full blown Pirates game so that’s cool. Anyway, here’s the highlights from Ubisoft’s Press Conference which did NOT include Aisha Tyler. Beyond Good and Evil 2 15 years have passed and they finally announced this game. And the internet collectively lost their shit. After looking forward to a game for so long to finally seek the answers of the cliffhanger ending of the first game, they go ahead and give us a prequel. But hey, a new Beyond Good and E...

Beyond Good and Evil 2 May Not Be A Full Sequel

The upcoming addition to the Beyond Good and Evil franchise may not be Beyond Good and Evil 2, after all. As reported by LetsPlayVideoGames, the planned direction for the game will (partially) retell Jade’s origin story from Beyond Good and Evil, and continue to extend beyond the ending on the first game. Additionally, it will also Peyj’s backstory. The intention behind this is to make the game more friendly for someone who is jumping into the game without playing the original, so that they know who Jade and Peyj are. The game will feature a subtitle instead of a sequel number in the title. It also aims to provide some closure for the fans of the first title who were left with a cliffhanger. It was also reported that a new CG trailer for the title will be shown during the NX re...

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