best rpgs 2017

Divinity Original Sin 2 Being Called The Best RPG Of All Time

Divinity Original Sin 2 isn’t just an improvement over its already massive and impressive predecessor, it also happens to be one of the finest RPG with an intricately crafted massive and rich open world. With an impressive Metacritic score of 94, it has successfully (and rightly) earned titles such as The Best RPG Ever. Check out a few reviews mentioned to below to wrap it up. Eurogamer: “Essential” There’s such a wide range of influences visible in Larian’s work. Ultima and XCOM are the obvious ones, but there are other moments, such as when you’re breaking into a house or searching for a hidden hatch to the basement, that the game suddenly feels more like Thief or Dishonored. The game foremost in my mind while playing, however, was The Witcher 3. Games...

Here Are Our Most Anticipated Games of 2017

The year 2016, however good or bad it may have been, is over now, and with its end we turn over a new leaf. Or we think we’ll do anyway (New Year’s resolutions are so overrated). We saw quite a lot of games last year, some amazing and some downright pathetic. We also caught a glimpse of major titles that are scheduled for release this year.  Here’s our list of the most anticipated games that are supposedly releasing in 2017. All aboard the hype train! Mass Effect: Andromeda Platforms: Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Bioware is bringing its epic space franchise back with a trip to the Andromeda Galaxy. It will be the first game in Mass Effect series to have an open world, moving away from the story of the original trilogy. Life in the Milky Way galaxy is in turmoil,...

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