The Top 10 Best Video Game Soundtracks Every Gamer Should Listen To

Video games are a gateway to many fantastic tales that have powerful stories. Alongside these stories, there’s the music and soundtrack that further helps the narrative of the game and engrosses the player even more. So here’s a Top 10 List of Video Game Soundtracks that are my favourites and are a must-listen. Do keep in mind that this list is based on my opinion which is bound to differ from yours, and I’ve only kept OSTs of games that are more recent, so don’t expect Chrono Trigger here. Doom This soundtrack is perfection. It is thrilling, exhilarating, heart pumping, demon killing, head ripping ecstasy. This is my go to soundtrack whenever I need to get pumped up or need to listen to something badass, but that’s not all about this soundtrack. Mick Gordon, ...

Blizzard Issues Warning Against Lucioball’s Character Changing Exploit

Lucioball is the latest mode in Blizzard’s highly successful, ever-in-controversy Overwatch, an online competitive shooter. It allows changes the title to a more Rocket League-style game, and is centered around the Brazillian rollerblading, parkour-ing character, Lucio, whose moveset seems to be fir for this mode. However, due to a glitch, it is possible for a player to enter the mode as another hero, which is not meant to happen. I mean, otherwise we’d all have Bastion as the goalkeeper. And Tracer would make a cool cheerleader, but I digress. At first, the bug seemed to occur at random, but some players have apparently figured out how to make it happen intentionally, which in turn has rendered Blizzard to issue a warning against the players who seem to be doing so. “Apologies...

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