Blue Rider Game Giveaway !!

Looking for a cool twin-stick shooter to blast away a few hours of your day? Look no further and enter the giveaway to earn yourself a free copy of EastAsiaSoft’s Blue Rider, for the Nintendo Switch! Blue Rider Nintendo Switch Edition Giveaway: Blue Rider review can be found over here:

Blue Rider Nintendo Switch Review, Twin-Stick Action !!

#BlueRider #NintendoSwitch #EastAsiaSoft Get ready for some twin-stick firing action in EastEasiaSoft’s Blue Rider for the Nintendo Switch! Check out the review to find out if this shooter can heat up your room! To win a free copy of the twin-stick shooter Atomine, follow the link and enter the competition! Atomine Nintendo Switch Edition Giveaway: Don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a retro SEGA Genesis USB controller to hook up to your PC and relive those SEGA classics the way they were meant to be played! SEGA Genesis USB Controller Giveaway: Kindly note that a review code was provided by EastAsiaSoft, publisher of Blue Rider for th...

Atomine – Review

Cyber Punk Madness Atomine is a fast-paced, rogue-like twin stick shooter loosely based on the true events surrounding STUXNET, the first discovered malware targeting industrial computer systems. The player model, named Atomine is likewise a computer virus, going around, statistically growing and facing firewall-like enemies in an effort to infect and successfully take over a nuclear missile control system. Overall, the game plays great, the controls couldn’t be simpler and are very tight. With only 2 sticks to control – the left for moving around, the other to direct your weapon – it’s easy to lose yourself in the action-packed gameplay. The levels are procedurally generated for maximum replayability and are composed of translucent blocks representing physical boundaries set on a plane, w...

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