Arvind Raja Yadav

Unrest: The first Indian RPG and More

We chat with Arvind from Pyrodactyl games, as he talks about his game Unrest which is the first Indian RPG. Yes you  heard it right an RPG set in India.  So join in and chat up with us and Arvind as we discuss about his Game Unrest and more interesting stuff 🙂  You can send in your questions for Arvind  on Google+ page click here About Arvind The Team Lead, Programmer, Game Designer and Janitor of Unrest – Political Adventure RPG set in ancient India with slight mythological elements. Know more about him here. About Unrest Unrest is an adventure RPG that adapts to death, failure, and the choices you make. Play as ordinary people struggling for food, safety, freedom, and a chance at peace. Explore an ancient Indian city using conversation, manipulation and (rarely) violence.  

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