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First Ever Third Party Gaming Controller For New Apple TV Announced

Apple has come up with the next big thing, Earlier today after “Hey Siri” event of Apple, SteelSeries announced the brand new Nimbus gamepad controller which is specifically made for Apple TV. Nimbus is the first ever gaming controller made for Apple TV and the specification of it looks quite promising and dazing, however the appearance of Nimbus is much closer to the Xbox One controller. Ehtisam Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries said,”SteelSeries is at the center of the biggest evolution in gaming. nimbus represents a new standard in wireless gaming controllers and we’re pleased to be bringing this controller to this incredible platform. ” Nimbus wireless gamepad provides 40 hours of gameplay on a single charge and can be recharged via a lightning cable. It has two...

Apple TV 4: Gaming And Siri Will Be Major Focuses

Although iOS devices and the App Store have transformed the handheld gaming market, the first three Apple TV generations did not attempt to challenge Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo’s Wii, or Sony’s PlayStation game consoles for complete control of living room TVs. According to sources with knowledge of the product, the fourth-generation Apple TV will actively compete for TV gamers with updated hardware, software, and peripherals that will debut at Apple’s September 9 event in San Francisco. One of the next Apple TV’s tentpole features will be near-universal Siri control, a feature hinted at in Apple’s invitation to the event. But the other will be deep support for gaming, representing Apple’s largest-ever effort to lure players from traditional consoles. In addition to the convenience of downl...

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