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Do Pirates Actually Love Denuvo?

Denuvo became the most hated anti-piracy tool soon after its release, but it’s not hard to see its downfall. With games getting cracked left and right (um,¬†Wolfenstein II got cracked BEFORE it even released), we have to wonder: deep down, do pirates actually love Denuvo? Let’s face it, piracy has been a huge thing ever since the beginning. Whether it was copying a cassette-based game using a recorder, or finding a workaround for Hyper Loaders, pirates have always welcomed these challenges with enthusiasm. Subverting these mechanisms became an achievement in itself, along with the thrill that came with it. So much so, that someone dumped the 1983 International Soccer for the Commodore 64 (that originally came on a cartridge) onto a cassette tape, along with a modification that h...

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