Top 15 Games Showcased At E3 2017

Now that all the press conferences are over and most of the announcements and showcasing is done, let’s take a look at games that I found were the best at E3 2017, a kind of mediocre one all things considered. Battlefront 2 EA seems to have learned from their mistakes from Battlefront. They’ve added a single player story mode, soldier classes, and all eras are now playable. They’ve also stated that there will be now Season Pass as all the DLC for this game will be free. Beyond Good and Evil 2 When the director of the game comes on stage and is almost in tears, you know how much it means to him. The cult classic is finally getting a 2nd game but it’s actually a prequel.  However that does not matter and people are hype none the less. Shadow of the Colossus Now, you m...

E3 2017 Highlights: Microsoft Press Conference

With so many expectations for Project Scorpio and people watching to see how Microsoft plan on going toe to toe with Sony again, Microsoft did not disappoint. Their whole conference was packed from start to end and they had a lot of things to announce. So here are the highlights from the Microsoft Press Conference. Xbox One X Project Scorpio finally got revealed it is called Xbox One X. They released a world premiere trailer alongside a bunch of impressive details about it. The Release date of One X is 7th November 2017 and it’ll cost $499.  They also announced backward compatibility for the original Xbox titles and that over 40 pre-existing titles will get the One X update to support 4k. Forza Motorsport 7 Microsoft showcased Forza Motorsport 7 on the newly released Xbox One X and i...

E3 2017 Highlights: EA Press Conference

E3 kicked off this year with the EA Press Conference and boy did they like to tell and not show. They spent so long talking that people were genuinely upset and just wanted to see the games, so lo and behold, a highlight of the EA Press Conference. Need For Speed: Payback This game was previously announced but we were only shown a short trailer. At their press conference, we got to have a better look at the game and its mechanics.  From what we’ve learned, the game will feature 3 playable characters with different skills and the game will also feature a day and night cycle. No more perpetual racing in the darkness. The game also has an offline story mode unlike the “Need for Speed” 2015 reboot. The gameplay they showcased was action packed and had a very “Fast and F...

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