Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy – Review

Ancestors Legacy is a squad based real-time strategy game, set during the Medieval times. It is some what historically accurate and has campaigns based on real wars. Also, it’s kind of tough and has a lot of intricacies to it, which feels great. You send your men out in squads, which makes the individual combat encounters feel more personal and give you greater control over what each squad does. This makes for some good strategic depth, and requires that you pay more attention. There are four factions to play as – Viking, Anglo-Saxon, German, Slav – and each have their own pros and cons. Some have better archers, other have better foot soldiers, while another might have better horsemen, and so on. The AI is incredible efficient in switching up tactics and putting up a goo...

Ancestors Legacy Coming May 22, Open Multiplayer Beta Launched – Xbox One & PC

Ancestors Legacy is one step closer to its release, 1C and developer Destructive Creations are proud to announce today, as the history-inspired squad-based real-time strategy release date has been set for 22 May 2018 for both Windows PC and Xbox One. The Windows PC version of Ancestors Legacy will be released worldwide through digital outlets, including Steam, with the boxed retail version available in selected countries; Xbox One digital version will hit the online Xbox Store on the same day. The eager warriors do not need to wait all the way until the release in May, as the Open Multiplayer PC Beta is launched on Steam today! After offering the first glimpses to selected players and media in the closed single-player and multiplayer betas at the end of the previous year, Ancestors Legacy ...

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