American Fugitive

American Fugitive – Review

If you are a fan of the older top down Grand Theft Auto games, then American Fugitive is definitely up your alley. Even if you’re not, American Fugitive has some really interesting gameplay mechanics, and a fun story that is totally worth engaging in. It also has a lot of random world activities to partake in that makes for a fun over-the-top adventure. You play as Will Riley, who is framed for the murder of his father and sent to prison. You then break out and seek revenge. The plot itself is simple, but the characters you meet along the way and the overall journey makes for a fun romp. Pros: Inspired by classic GTA Fun gameplay Interesting story Destructible environments Cons: Not a lot of challenge No voice acting Score – 8/10 About: Inspired by classic GTA,¬†American Fugitiv...

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