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Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2021: Best Deals on PS4 Games

Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale is back and as usual, there are a ton of good options for you to filter through. Furthermore, on the off chance that you are a PS4 console gamer, its the best time for you to deck up your game collection.The PlayStation 4 was one of the most famous control console of its age and still has a major continuing in India. There are some astounding games accessible on PS4 games that you can get now. In case you are hoping to add to your assortment of PlayStation 4 games, the following are a couple of well known choices for your scrutiny. 1. GOD OF WAR PS4 MRP: ₹1,499 DISCOUNTED PRICE : ₹ 854 (43% off) Its in this brutal, unforgiving world that he should battle to endure, and not just encourage his child to do likewise yet in addition keep him from rehash...

Amazon Games Giving Away Their Game Engine For Free

Amazon Games earlier this week announced that they will be giving away their own game engine, Lumberyard for free. Amazon’s Lumberyard is currently in beta phase for developers who would like to create PC and console games. Amazon’s Lumberyard has quite a lot of features with some of them being Lumberyard’s integration with Twitch that allows Devs to build games and engage with more than 1.7 million monthly broadcasters while doing it. Twitch viewers can also chat with the Devs to directly impact the game that they are watching in real-time. The biggest feature of Lumberyard is that it is free, including its full source code which helps in customizing Lumberyard the way we want. Amazon’s Lumberyard also allows Devs to create and scale multiplayer games thanks to Ama...

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