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Top 50 Video Games That Should Be Made Into Movies (Part 2)

We’ve all been disappointed by some of the recent movies that were based on video games. And for the most part, almost all video game movies have been a let down. However, if done right, a lot of video games can make for good movies, with their interesting setting, likable characters, and great stories. So here are the top 50 video games that should be made into movies. This is the second part of a five part series, so be sure to check back later for more. Also check out Part 1 here. Fallout: New Vegas Easily the best Fallout game with the most compelling story, and it deserves it’s own movie. Horizon Zero Dawn Robot dinosaurs in a post apocalyptic future. Who can say no? What Remains Of Edith Finch A compelling story, filled with small personal narratives, that are all presented fro...

Remedy To Make Multiplayer Games

Remedy Entertainment, the creators of titles like Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Max Payne is working on multiplayer games, according to the studio’s official website. Here’s what the official announcement says: “We’re dreaming up new things, so this felt like the perfect time to share some thoughts on a key component we’ve been planning and even prototyping at Remedy for years, but never committed to – until now. As announced last July, we’re busy working on CROSSFIRE 2 story mode with Smilegate, as well as building something totally new with a second (as of yet unannounced) game project. This includes working on the long-term roadmap for Northlight, our proprietary game engine and tools. As an independent studio in the highly competitive games business, it is crucial to ...

Will We See Alan Wake’s Return?

A trademark listing was spotted on the European Union Trademark Database by a NeoGAF user which indicated that Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind Max Payne and upcoming Xbox One title Quantum Break, might be working on a new game set in the Alan Wake universe.The user also noted that an Alan Wake’s Return website was registered in 2015. This is in no way a confirmation of the game actually being made, since hoax trademark listings for highly-sought after game sequels regularly appear on databases, most notable among these is the Half-Life 3 submission that was later revealed to be a fake. Additionally, a trademark registration doesn’t necessarily mean a new project is in development. In September 2014, Remedy’s creative director, Sam Lake, said the studio would like ...

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