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Can Ya Dig It, Sucka?! A Shovel Knight Review

An ode to the games of yesteryear, a beautiful love letter to 2D platforming genre and a mesmerizing 8-bit masterpiece that was made possible with the help of a community willing to take a risk. The game I’m talking about is the amazing “Shovel Knight”. The game that shines amongst its peers and makes it as one of the best 8-bit 2D platformers to have come out in recent times. Shovel Knight is a kickstarted 2D platformer with 8-bit visuals developed by Yacht Club Games. It took the gaming industry by surprise, because nobody expected it to do what it did; it provided a very solid gaming experience all-around. Taking inspiration from the best games of the NES era like Zelda II, Duck Tales, and Castlevania. Shovel Knight bundles these together to make a masterpiece that pays homage to its pr...

Stranger Things To Get An 8-bit Game?

Stranger Things is the latest Netflix hit that has everyone reliving the 80s, with its settings and the references. With the overwhelming nostalgia about the era, fans of the 80s would be please to know that 8-bit Cinema (Cinefix) has transformed the show into an 8-bit trailer, which makes us hope that it will be turned into a full game at some point. The show is depicted in a retro NES setting, which looks unique and immensely fun, adding the eerie, mysterious feeling associated with the show. The four minute video is filled with spoilers as it covers all the main events of the series, so those who haven’t seen the show yet, you’ve been warned.   On the other hand, those who have seen the show and can’t get enough of it, this is probably the best you can ask for. Fo...

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