3 insanely difficult videogames

3 Insanely Difficult Video games

This weekend while clearing up my cupboard I came across one truly awesome gadget J Yes my old 8 bit gaming device and nostalgia struck whether it was those endless sessions of Supermario bros or the albeit silly but fun Duck Hunt. There is something which attracts all of us to retro games, maybe it is the novelty factor or maybe the sheer simplicity of graphics and gameplay. Looking back at the golden generation of gaming we’ve compiled a list of 3 insanely difficult video games. I am sure you guys must have played most of them. Do share your thoughts in the comments below. Contra Like most retro entries on this list, Contra doesn’t respect you from the very beginning, which makes for a highly turbulent and frustrating relationship from day one. Poised as a Rambo-like maverick, your...

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