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Supercool VR Car Experience at Microgravity Gurgaon

Supercool VR Car Experience at Microgravity Gurgaon

Our crew recently visited Microgravity, a virtual and augmented reality experience center located in Gurugram, with my colleagues. From our experience, this place is filled with activities from across genres. The place is clean, safe, and exciting. We tried various experiences there which mainly include Car simulator, Far Cry VR, 360 degrees roller coaster, and Golf. One of our favorite experiences was Car Simulator which has this great seating area with 3 monitors, enhancing visibility. The seat was fully hydraulic which makes the experience more realistic. We can literally feel the bumps and crashes in the scene. There was this option to choose between manual and automatic gears. Also, there was a proper seatbelt for safety purposes which makes the experience super cool and safe. Overall, we would love to go again and recommend this place to my friends, and family.

About MicroGravity
Microgravity stands for bringing to life your dreams. It’s a magical world crafted with technology.

Microgravity as a brand is working on delivering a world-class multi-player gaming experience. Whether you want to play at a state-of-the-art gaming arena or try your hand at competing with your friends in an e-sports league format; we bring to you the best infrastructure & platforms the industry has to offer.

The moment you step inside our flagship property, you get catapulted into the future with gaming technology that is debatably ahead of its time. It is not just designed for gamers but for anyone who loves entertainment. Head over to Microgravity at JMD Empire Square, Gurgaon and get blown away by the future that has arrived.

Our Virtual Reality Car Simulator is one hell of a beast! When you take a seat in this majestic machine, you see a combo of 3 screens that simulate the perfect environment to race. The Hydraulic System in the Racing Simulator precisely re-creates the minutest details of a selection of internationally renowned racing tracks. Feel every twist and turn at the racing track, feel the power of a real F1 racing car, a rally car or a drifter and throttle your way into the future. The Car Simulator is one of the best in the world and teleports you to a realistic gaming experience. Professional racers have come and been amazed at how realistic our experience is. So, gear up for the ride of your life with our world-class Racing Simulator.

Step into the future instantaneously as you firm your grip around the steering wheel and put on the VR headset. This powerful machine will have you glued to the seat as you zoom through the tracks at mind-blowing speed.
You can choose the difficulty level, the type of track you want and even the car. The tweeters behind your head that are inbuilt with the machine will make you forget that you’re inside a gaming arena. This Virtual Reality Car is one of the best there is when it comes to Virtual Reality Racing Games. Strap on your seatbelt and get ready to vanquish your need for speed.

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