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Strategies for Online Bingo

Strategies for Online Bingo


As with most online casino games that you gamble your luck on, bingo is one of those games with no sure way of guaranteeing a win. This game of chance is easy to pick up but is still rather challenging for all players alike, as it is not possible to up your chances of winning with certainty. With that said, there are certain tips and strategies that you can familiarize yourself with and utilize in your online bingo play, but while there are players who have reported some success in using these strategies, the strategies don’t work with high predictability. To help players better play online bingo with more confidence and attain several UK bonuses in the process, the following guide consists of several tips and techniques that can be of help.



1.   Playing Multiple Tickets or Cards

One of the most popular strategies used in bingo would be playing multiple tickets or cards. Playing with more cards is beneficial as this naturally gives you a higher chance of winning since there is a greater chance that you have the card with the winning pattern on hand. However, it must be noted that you shouldn’t be rash with purchasing many cards, as you might just end up winning an amount of money that doesn’t even cover your expenditure on the number of tickets purchased, which isn’t worth it at all! Hence, it’s key to exercise caution with buying more cards, since winning really boils down to one’s luck after all.


2.   Avoiding Crowds

A good way to gain a better chance of winning is to join games where there are lesser players in the mix. A good tip is hence to avoid joining crowded rooms and play at the times of the week when there are relatively lesser players online. Bingo rooms tend to be busiest on weekday nights and the weekends, so avoid these timings if you want to face less competition. If possible, try out odd hours in the early morning or mid-noon, where most players tend to be offline.


3.   Win with Unique Patterns

The most commonly seen patterns that players win with include the Doube Line which refers to two complete lines down diagonal or across, the X which refers to two complete diagonal lines, and the Blackout which refers to all spots of the card being covered. However, there are various other unique patterns that you may not have heard of, such as the Christmas tree pattern and the castle pattern. There are bingo games that hand out prizes for unusual patterns, so further refine your bingo playing skills by learning such unique patterns and claim wins with patterns that others would never think to achieve.


4.   Granville’s Bingo Strategy

Financial writer Joseph E. Granville developed this strategy, which is mainly based on the 75-ball bingo game, and adheres to the theory that balls that are drawn randomly have an equal opportunity of appearing. The strategy suggests that to raise the likelihood of attaining a win, players should choose tickets that have an equal number spread of odds and evens, and highs and lows. Basically, the ticket should contain numbers that deviate from one another as much as possible. Also, players should avoid tickets containing numbers that end with the same digit.

The reasoning behind Granville’s strategy is simple. Whenever a ball gets chosen, the probability that its opposite is drawn next will increase. With this in mind, the reality is that Granvill’s strategy is hard to execute and succeed with because of the uncountable number of possibilities to be accounted for.

5.   Tippett Bingo Strategy

Developed by English statistician L.H.C Tippett, this strategy is relatively simple and is based on the theory of the 90-ball bingo game, but it can be applied to any bingo form. The strategy suggests that for a 90-ball bingo game, as the numbers called increases, the likelihood that numbers closer to the median of 38 also increases. Where fewer numbers are called, the next number called would tend to be nearer to the range’s extremes of 1 and 90.

Players can try to anticipate how long a game will go, and then select tickets accordingly. For line games like the 75-ball bingo that tend to end much quicker, numbers between the extremes have a higher tendency to get drawn, while for more complex games that involve a longer playtime due to complicated patterns, numbers nearer the median will be more expected.

Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Which bingo strategies work best?

There are no strategies that can definitely guarantee you a win, but the above-mentioned guidelines can help you to better choose your tickets instead of going into a game blindly, and also to better understand the probabilities and odds for bingo.

Can I get better at bingo?

Definitely! The more experience you get from playing bingo, the better you will get at executing strategies and discovering what works well for you. There are various websites offering free bingo games or a free test run that you can try out, so go try them out; practice makes perfect!

Should I begin with fewer cards?

Beginners to bingo might find it wiser to start off by playing just one to two tickets at one time. Don’t be rash in spending on more tickets when you aren’t confident that you can manage all the cards.

Are any patterns better to win with?

It can’t be said for sure that one pattern improves your chances over another because it really depends on who attains a specific pattern the fastest. For instance, while more complicated patterns may seem intimidating, you may very well be the only one vying for that prize which hence gives you an edge.


In summary, there is very little that bingo players are able to do to raise their chances of winning, but tips like picking less crowded game rooms at quieter periods of the week, and familiarizing yourself with more complex patterns, can help you in your Bingo playing journey. Bingo is really a gamble of luck, after all, so don’t fret over winning too much and just enjoy the play!


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